Jenny Brock – Artist


August 2017

Open Art Exhibition, Islington, London

I was recently invited to take part in World View’s Open Art exhibition, which will be taking place 12th – 24th September 2017 at the Cass Art flagship store in Islington, London.

This is an exhibition with a novel concept; it combines a real-life gallery and a virtual space. Here are more details from the Cass Art website:


“The #Openart exhibition introduces a new way of viewing and sharing art, crossing the line between a real-world gallery and a virtual one. On the walls of the Cass Art Space in Islington you will find a selection of fine art and photography from artists around the UK. Every artwork on display has also been digitally reproduced and can be seen inside the virtual gallery – which breaks beyond the four walls of the space and expands the selection of artworks to over a hundred. Not only can you explore the fantasy virtual space as part of your visit to Cass Art, you can also download this experience at home. This ground-breaking idea gives art-lovers a novel experience, whilst improving access to art and enabling artists to share their work more widely and easily, and in new and exciting ways.”

Address: 66-67 Colebrooke Row, London, N1 8AB

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Saturday: 10 – 7
  • Sunday: 12 – 6

Work Announcement

Just a little announcement to say that I am currently working as a studio assistant to another artist, collaborating on a big series of paintings. I am not permitted to share any details on social media, but wanted to post this message in case anyone wonders why things are a little quiet!

“Stock”, Bargehouse, London 2017

Our exhibition, “Stock”, at Bargehouse, London was a great experience and got lots of positive attention, and it was lovely to spend an entire week in London! The Bargehouse building is an ideal location on the South bank and just a few minutes’ walk from Tate Modern. It is a rustic-looking building with textured brick and plaster walls, and lots of variations in lighting, so everybody’s work had its ideal position. I’ve added a few photos below of my work in location, me by one of our posters, and the entrance:

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