Jenny Brock – Artist


September 2017

Events on the Horizon…

As I predicted in my last post, things have been a bit quiet of the website front recently, while I have been busy with my studio job! (Which is going very well; I have nearly completed work on approximately one hundred pictures, and am just about to move on to another eighty…)

Just wanted to check in to mention a couple of events on the horizon:

Firstly, from next month, a selection of my original paintings will be on display and for sale at a brand new apartment building in Bath City Centre.

And secondly, I have been offered a residency and solo exhibition at Bath Artists’ Studios, which will be happening for two or three weeks around Easter 2018, so watch this space for more info… Here is a link to their website:

Open Art Exhib. Update!

Hello everyone, just a quick update about the Open Art exhibition I’m involved with, at Cass Art Islington:

The curator has very generously asked me if I would like to display one or two of my paintings “in the flesh”, as it were, on the actual gallery walls! This is an honour, as most work is being displayed in the virtual gallery space.

As a result, I will be dropping off two paintings this Saturday 9th September, and collecting them when I attend the private view of Jeremy Gardiner’s upcoming “Drawn to the Coast” exhibition at Paisnel Gallery:

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