Jenny Brock – Artist


October 2017

“Open Art” Virtual Exhibition Video

The website for the first “Open Art” exhibition, in which I recently took part, is now up and running! This includes a YouTube video tour of both the real and virtual parts of the gallery:

I have been invited to take part in the next one, which is going to be even bigger, so watch this space…

New Endeavours

Just another update about work, to say I have now completed my studio work with Jeremy Gardiner; I helped with about a hundred watercolour pictures, and learned a lot in the process. He now has to spend time focusing on his panel paintings for the foreseeable future.

My focus will now be doing a combination of writing and illustration work for a book, as well as making some new canvases for my exhibition next Easter.

I will be installing a small selection of paintings in the new apartments in Bath city centre, at the start of next month. Here is their website:

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