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February 2018

Getting Close!

It’s two weeks until ‘Landscapes of Imagination’ begins at Roper Gallery, Bath Artists’ Studios! I have been starting to publicise it as much as possible, as it’s my first solo exhibition. This has included putting up about 30 posters around town and university, which are at:

  • Green Park station
  • Local libraries
  • Good Buy Books
  • Minerva art shop
  • Little Theatre cinema
  • Bath Spa university
  • The Weston
  • The Royal Oak
  • Topping & Co. bookshop
  • Harvest
  • The Pig & Fiddle
  • The Raven
  • Boston Tea Party

Bath Spa is also advertising the exhibition on their social media, and I will also be running a facebook advert from tomorrow…

One of the posters is in very admirable company in Green Park station! I was so happy when I saw they had put it there! I am actually going to this Tears For Fears gig as well:

In rather good company!

Public event page:

Also, last night, I went to one of the Artbar events at The Raven pub in Bath. Artist Max Naylor was talking about his surreal, partly-imagined landscapes – I just love his work! Here are the links to his website and the Artbar blog. They also gave the opportunity for people to make announcements, so I gave a brief mention of my exhibition and handed out a few business cards.

First Painting of 2018!

Last week, the news and media was full of the rare supermoon which occurred a few nights ago, so I decided to do a painting called “The Whole of the Moon, which is inspired by all the images I saw. I have long been fascinated by the so-called “moon illusion,” which makes the moon appear much larger when it is close to the horizon. Next time there is a supermoon, I plan to go somewhere to see the illusion in all its glory.

Seeing as I have been busy preparing for my exhibition and artist talk, I have not made any new paintings for a few weeks and thought this would be an appropriate first one of 2018. I have also added it to my new 2018 gallery:

The Whole Of The Moon
The Whole Of The Moon 2018 Acrylic and iridescent medium on canvas 30 x 24 inches £489 for original (already gallery-wrapped ready for display)

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