Last week, the news and media was full of the rare supermoon which occurred a few nights ago, so I decided to do a painting called “The Whole of the Moon, which is inspired by all the images I saw. I have long been fascinated by the so-called “moon illusion,” which makes the moon appear much larger when it is close to the horizon. Next time there is a supermoon, I plan to go somewhere to see the illusion in all its glory.

Seeing as I have been busy preparing for my exhibition and artist talk, I have not made any new paintings for a few weeks and thought this would be an appropriate first one of 2018. I have also added it to my new 2018 gallery:

The Whole Of The Moon
The Whole Of The Moon 2018 Acrylic and iridescent medium on canvas 30 x 24 inches £489 for original (already gallery-wrapped ready for display)