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March 2018

Last Day of “Landscapes of Imagination”

Today was the last day of my first solo exhibition, which has been a very enjoyable experience. Within the next week, I will be sharing the video which Mulk Raj has been editing together for me, showing more of the exhibition, my artist talk and more. It will be nice to be able to share that with everyone who wasn’t able to come along in real life, and for myself as a visual record…

For now, here is a photo from the private view:


Also, today I said goodbye to the original of “Wander”, which sold a couple of weeks ago. Prints of this are still available:


Artist Talk Reminder!

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:30, I will be doing a short lunchtime talk at Bath Artists’ Studios, as part of my exhibition. Please do come along if you are nearby – I will be talking about my practice and inspiration, and it’s a good chance to have a look around the gallery…


The Rivermade Podcast

As promised in my last post, here is a link to the podcast I made on Friday evening with Mulk Raj of Rivermade Films! In this episode, I discuss with Mulk about how paintings have inspired film, my working process, and some of our favourite scenes…


Opening Night of “Landscapes of Imagination”

Hello everyone! Apologies for my recent absence – I’ve been extremely busy over the last few days setting up my exhibition. As well as being my first solo exhibition, it is also the first time I have ever curated a show, and it’s been a great experience so far…

I have a total of 20 pieces – original canvases and giclee prints – displayed on the walls of the Roper Gallery, Bath Artists’ Studios, as well as a selection of smaller prints for sale. Here is a little snippet of what it looks like (with my hair matching rather well with “Ambiguous #2”!)


Last night was the private view, and it was a fantastic and quite surreal evening – lots of friends and relatives were there, as well as some other local artists, and everyone was very complimentary and interested in my paintings. There were also a lot of recurring themes which everyone interpreted from my work: Romanticism, ambiguity, the Sublime, abstract landscapes, and their relationship to my film and musical inspirations, as well as my favourite artists, such as John Martin and J.M.W. Turner…


The exhibition is now open to the public until 27th March, 12-5pm daily. I will be invigilating on most days, whilst also working on some illustrations. And this evening, I will be making a podcast with my talented filmmaker friend Mulk Raj of Rivermade Films, who is also making a short film to document my exhibition and some of my working process and creative ideas. So watch this space!

By the way, I have finally joined Instagram and am really enjoying it! I thought that now was an appropriate time to do so, so here is the link to my profile:

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