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Studio Space

I, like many recently-graduated artists, have found myself puzzled by the issue of finding a studio space. They tend to be very expensive to rent and, if you do not have a reliable income, can be a risky purchase. And then there is the logistical problem of transporting canvases and painting materials to and from your studio space on public transport, which can be heavy and cumbersome, especially if you tend to work big.

Thankfully, I have managed to find a solution for myself, which may be useful for others to know, if you find yourself in a similar situation…

  • Find a spare bit of floor in your house. Obviously the size of your work will have to depend on the space available.
  • Protect said bit of floor with a waterproof tarpaulin, so that you don’t have to worry about any stray splashes of paint.
  • Now for the key part: a drip tray! Prices for these will vary depending on the size you want, but they are a great investment because you can paint on top of them and never have to clean them, as the paint and water simply gathers and dries in the bottom of the tray. This one is over a metre square, and means that I can use pouring and dripping techniques on large canvases without worrying about anything spilling onto the carpet. (Very important, as I am in a rented house and clean-ups are expensive!)
  • I also happened to have a spare table, which is handy for keeping paints on, or for doing detailed work.

This is the finished result: a bit makeshift but certainly functional 🙂


I have already worked on two new canvases, and am hopeful that this new setup will enable me to create lots more work for my solo exhibition in March (more on that later…!)


“Open Art” Virtual Exhibition Video

The website for the first “Open Art” exhibition, in which I recently took part, is now up and running! This includes a YouTube video tour of both the real and virtual parts of the gallery:

I have been invited to take part in the next one, which is going to be even bigger, so watch this space…

New Endeavours

Just another update about work, to say I have now completed my studio work with Jeremy Gardiner; I helped with about a hundred watercolour pictures, and learned a lot in the process. He now has to spend time focusing on his panel paintings for the foreseeable future.

My focus will now be doing a combination of writing and illustration work for a book, as well as making some new canvases for my exhibition next Easter.

I will be installing a small selection of paintings in the new apartments in Bath city centre, at the start of next month. Here is their website:

Events on the Horizon…

As I predicted in my last post, things have been a bit quiet of the website front recently, while I have been busy with my studio job! (Which is going very well; I have nearly completed work on approximately one hundred pictures, and am just about to move on to another eighty…)

Just wanted to check in to mention a couple of events on the horizon:

Firstly, from next month, a selection of my original paintings will be on display and for sale at a brand new apartment building in Bath City Centre.

And secondly, I have been offered a residency and solo exhibition at Bath Artists’ Studios, which will be happening for two or three weeks around Easter 2018, so watch this space for more info… Here is a link to their website:

Open Art Exhib. Update!

Hello everyone, just a quick update about the Open Art exhibition I’m involved with, at Cass Art Islington:

The curator has very generously asked me if I would like to display one or two of my paintings “in the flesh”, as it were, on the actual gallery walls! This is an honour, as most work is being displayed in the virtual gallery space.

As a result, I will be dropping off two paintings this Saturday 9th September, and collecting them when I attend the private view of Jeremy Gardiner’s upcoming “Drawn to the Coast” exhibition at Paisnel Gallery:

Open Art Exhibition, Islington, London

I was recently invited to take part in World View’s Open Art exhibition, which will be taking place 12th – 24th September 2017 at the Cass Art flagship store in Islington, London.

This is an exhibition with a novel concept; it combines a real-life gallery and a virtual space. Here are more details from the Cass Art website:


“The #Openart exhibition introduces a new way of viewing and sharing art, crossing the line between a real-world gallery and a virtual one. On the walls of the Cass Art Space in Islington you will find a selection of fine art and photography from artists around the UK. Every artwork on display has also been digitally reproduced and can be seen inside the virtual gallery – which breaks beyond the four walls of the space and expands the selection of artworks to over a hundred. Not only can you explore the fantasy virtual space as part of your visit to Cass Art, you can also download this experience at home. This ground-breaking idea gives art-lovers a novel experience, whilst improving access to art and enabling artists to share their work more widely and easily, and in new and exciting ways.”

Address: 66-67 Colebrooke Row, London, N1 8AB

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Saturday: 10 – 7
  • Sunday: 12 – 6

Work Announcement

Just a little announcement to say that I am currently working as a studio assistant to another artist, collaborating on a big series of paintings. I am not permitted to share any details on social media, but wanted to post this message in case anyone wonders why things are a little quiet!

“Stock”, Bargehouse, London 2017

Our exhibition, “Stock”, at Bargehouse, London was a great experience and got lots of positive attention, and it was lovely to spend an entire week in London! The Bargehouse building is an ideal location on the South bank and just a few minutes’ walk from Tate Modern. It is a rustic-looking building with textured brick and plaster walls, and lots of variations in lighting, so everybody’s work had its ideal position. I’ve added a few photos below of my work in location, me by one of our posters, and the entrance:

“Stock” is Nearly Here!

It is almost time for our show, “Stock”, at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower, London! We are setting up from Tuesday, and the show is open 28th – 30th July, with the private view on 27th July from 6:30pm. We successfully reached out crowdfunding goal – many thanks to everyone who donated, it’s going to be a great show. See “Stock” Details And New Work for links to the website, facebook event page etc.

Before then, I have a busy weekend ahead as my artist collaboration is beginning! I cannot give away any more details yet, but watch this space…

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