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Upcoming Art Market and Showcase

I have two new events coming up next month!

Firstly, on 2nd June, I am taking part in the Fringe Arts Bath Art Market, where I will be selling greetings cards, prints and some small originals, along with my friend Sara of Limecat Linocuts:

Come and check out our work and have a lovely day out in Bath while you’re there! All details of the Art Market are here on the Fringe’s website:


After that, from 3rd – 29th June, I will have some of my larger originals displayed at the Art Wall in Keynsham’s library building. As always, everything shown is for sale and there is no commission at this location!

New Animal Constellation Series

Over the last few days, I have started a series of works which are a bit different for me, but which use familiar techniques: animal constellation paintings!

These are made from acrylic pours on small 5 x 7 inch canvas boards, with added constellation details on each one. Here are all six I have made so far (images are in low resolution).

Vulpecula “The Fox”
Serpens “The Serpent”
Pavo “The Peacock”
Monoceros “The Unicorn”
Delphinius “The Dolphin”

These originals are just £39 each (message or email me if you would like one!) and the details are on the back handwritten like so:


I will continue to make more of these, and they will be added to the page Small Works. I will also be selling them at the Fringe Arts Bath Market on 2nd June (more details to come on that…)

May Art Fair!

This Saturday 11th May, there is an Arts Fair being held at The Southville Centre in Bristol, where some of my work and prints are on display and for sale. Today, I set up my wall in preparation, and I am looking forward to visiting and seeing the other artists’ and crafters’ work. Here is a glimpse to be getting on with:


On 11th May only, there is no commission on the artwork, and so everything is 15% less!


My work will continue to be displayed there until 17th May, when I will be taking it down again, soon to be displayed at another location…

More on that soon though!

Southville Centre Photos So Far

This morning I set up my work in The Southville Centre building – it is displayed in two internal corridors and I have my letter holder full of prints at reception. Here are some snapshots of how it looks:


I will also be attending the Arts Fair on 11th May.

Southville Centre Showcase & Arts Fair

This Tuesday 9th April, I will be setting up my work at The Southville Centre in Bristol! Here is the event page on Facebook:

I will have a large selection of original paintings on the walls around the Centre, and will also have lots of A5 mini-prints for sale. These are also available to buy directly from me by post – just drop me a message or email:


Also, on 11th May, the Centre is holding an Arts Fair:

Hope you can make it!

Upcoming Southville Centre Exhibition!

Between 9th April and 17th May this year, I will have a large selection of work displayed at The Southville Centre in Bristol! During this time, on 11th May, there will also be an arts fair held at the centre. It is a bustling community hub with lots of events, classes, a cafe and a shop on site, just a couple of minutes away from Bedminster High Street.

Here are their website and facebook links, which will have more details added to them nearer the time:

Bath Recycled Christmas Project

This week has been very fun and exciting; I have been assisting Christine Leech of @sewyeah with making a series of large sustainable decorations for Bath Christmas Market, made from several hundred recycled plastic bottles and bags!

I have been posting about it all week on my Instagram but now here are all my photos in one place. Overall, we made a large chandelier, a smaller chandelier, a giant wreath, four smaller wreaths, and a lot of garlands. I was also asked to write up a two-metre-tall chalkboard with all the family events going on in Queen Square over the Christmas Market. I will hopefully be helping Christine again with some of her workshops on 1st December 🙂

First wreath complete
My socks looking bewildered at the plastic carnage!
Chalkboard complete
Two more wreaths
The giant wreath in situ 🙂
The smaller wreaths up and looking lovely
One of the many plastic flowers – these are so fun to make!
The giant chandelier up and getting a lot of attention already
The smaller chandelier which I made during my last hour in the workshop 😀

Open Art Exhibition 2018 Video

The video of the virtual gallery from Open Art Exhibition 2018, in which I recently participated, is now up on YouTube and on the Cura10n website here:

This year’s gallery took place in the Sea of Tranquility on the moon!

In other news, I am currently working on a project in Bath, helping to make a series of large sustainable Christmas decorations which are made from recycled plastic. I will make a proper post about it in a few days’ time, but here are a couple of snapshots to be getting on with…!

Open Art Exhibition 2018 Coming Soon…

Coming soon… I am being featured in the annual Open Art exhibition in London for the second year in a row. Stay tuned for details!


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